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The Art of Finance 1.5 - The Soft Cover

The Art of Finance 1.5 - The Soft Cover

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The Art of Finance 1.5

Cover redesigned by Bryce IV. 

Intentionally designed for the neutral palette.

The Art of Finance was curated to enhance every coffee table with eclectic art and valuable financial wisdom. Every page was created to be easily digestible. Finance is the science that measures the concept of value, and The Art of Finance makes it clear that wealth is created by extrapolating your value to the world. 

Original Topics: Intro to finance, the stock market, investing, commercial real estate, using math to influence financial decisions, saving, how psychology and science influence wealth. 

New Topics Include:

🟢 Wealth in the Bible

🟢 Finance as a Science

🟢 The influence of Utility on Value

🟢 The power of Stillness

🟢 How geography and the dispersion of animals influenced global wealth.

Size: 11.25 in. x 8.75 in.

Printed on premium paper: 80# White 

184 pages

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