About The Studio

Peso's Art Studio is a team of designers, artists, and advisors seeking to create value for the world. We create coffee table books, wall art, home dećor, and fashion pieces. Focusing on making statement pieces we prioritize tasteful art with our work and advisory services. The studio is built on the core principals of finance, particularly "value creation," as we intentionally design to fill a need. 


The Studio's founder, Malcolm Nelson, has a Finance and Marketing background. Malcolm is a Commercial Real Estate Banker by day, and Designer and Writer by night. Originally from Buffalo, NY, after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Finance and Marketing, Malcolm began his professional career with Citizens Bank as a Commercial Real Estate Credit Analyst. Malcolm was promoted to Portfolio Manager in 4 years and managed more than $400 million of commercial real estate loans. 

It was at Citizens where Malcolm fell in love with the real estate industry, and made the connection between art and finance. After 5 years with Citizens Bank, Malcolm joined Accenture to advise commercial banks, before returning to Commercial Real Estate banking as a Vice President.

Malcolm is the lead designer at the studio and is responsible for curating timeless ART


The objective is to serve God with our work. To inspire, teach and love.