Wealth: It’s all about Energy and Time.

Wealth: It’s all about Energy and Time.

It all begins with “Energy” and “Time.”

In order to receive cash, one must exchange energy and time. When you work a job, you expend your energy and focus for a specific amount of time (generally hours) in exchange for a paycheck.  Entrepreneurs and artist exchange their energy and time for cash as well, as they create products, systems, or services for customers/clients. 

Once you earn cash, you then have to make allocation decisions. I can speak more tangibly about budgeting, but the focus here is the flow of capital. So, once someone has cash they can then acquire stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals, or anything else they can afford. Each of these mediums temporarily store value. That’s it. The process of free exchange in the world is the process of exchanging value for value. 

“I will give you something I like for something you love.”

The stock that people own, the money in your bank account, the clothes on your back, all started with energy and time. It took a focused human and time. 

There are 3 layers of capital:

1: Energy and Time 

2: Cash, Equity, Knowledge, Network, Resources

3. The things we buy with the first two layers of capital. 

I will say it again: everything begins with energy and time. Your propensity to build wealth is largely contingent on your ability to manage your focus and time. Maximizing the value you receive for your time is the key.  

And the amazing thing is, God is the only one who determines how much energy and time we receive. That is what makes every second so valuable.

So with all of this being said. You also have to ask yourself how much is your energy and time worth? In dollars!

When you know your worth you create art!

“Art is imagination brought to life.”

- Malcolm Nelson (Malc Peso)

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