The Best Interior Design and Furniture Stores

The Best Interior Design and Furniture Stores

Furniture and Interior Design have a natural association with the concept of wealth. When mansions are displayed in movies, they are often accompanied with well decorated, and seemingly expensive furniture. Being a finance nerd there is no coincidence that I also have an affinity and love for furniture and interior design. Well decorated homes and commercial spaces are just so aesthetically pleasing. 

Finance is all about the concept of "value," and nothing exudes value like furniture. You can feel the stark difference between a couch from Ikea, and one from Design Within Reach. This is not to dismiss Ikea, they absolutely have gems. But like other financial exercises, furniture shopping is a way to test your value system. With all of that being said here is a list of my favorite furniture stores, and the respective value they offer: 

1. Design Within Reach (DWR): Luxury. Quality. Color. Art.

If you are looking for actual art pieces, that just so happen to function as furniture, Design Within Reach is the store. I own the story bookcase for example which holds about 50 books, but is a spectacle in any room. DWR sources eclectic pieces for every color pallet. They only source products from top designers and manufacturers, which inevitably comes at a price tag. Design Within Reach will truly test your ability to measure value. The Backstage mirror is beautiful and seemingly useful, but is it worth $4,400? Or $2,637, which it is currently on sale for (as of August 1, 2023). Well, the answer lies with who is looking for a mirror!


2. West Elm - Quality. Home Essentials. 

West Elm is the furniture store on all newlyweds registry. "Neutral," is the best adjective that comes to mind when I think about West Elm. They provide quality modern neutral pieces. This is not the place for "pop" or "wow" pieces. West Elm focuses on quality home essentials including bedding, towels, kitchen ware, rugs, bed frames, and living room furniture. They also have an excellent outdoor furniture section. 

3. Bo Concepts - Luxury. Cozy. Modern.

Bo Concepts feels similar to Design Within reach in the sense that all of their pieces are stylish. The difference is that Bo Concepts maintains warmth, homeyness, and a neutral color pallet. You can decorate your home with progressive style and it still be warm and cozy. 

4. Ikea - Just graduated from college. 

You can furnish your entire apartment with Ikea, but the quality and comfort may be questionable. They epitomize the phrase, "You get what you pay for." Valuation is always at play when furniture shopping. I have an Ikea couch in the man-cave and it is awful for my back, but their mobile side tables are perfectly stylish and functional.  

 5. Arhaus - For those 30 and up.

Evolved Taste. Those looking for an upgrade in quality Arhaus is the place. I can not say any of their pieces stand out aesthetically speaking, but again the quality is noticeable. You feel confident that the $8,000 couch will last at least 10 years.  


6. Urban Outfitters - Hidden Gems.

Low key has hidden gems, their "home" section online is filled with eclectic decorum pieces. 


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